DealCentre, VDRPro and Mobile Enhancements

Product Release Placeholder

Highlights for the month include:

  • VDRPro: Secure Viewer customization
    Delivered a simplified, self-service setup process in Secure Viewer to allow users to easily enable and customize secure viewing in their browsers.
  • VDRPro: Folder structure improvements
    • Customers now have the ability to provide a folder structure and upload to a new exchange.
    • Windows users now have more flexibility when bulk downloading their folder structure, with the option to choose whether to include index numbers and file names as part of the download.
  • Mobile: Mobile App Q&A enhancements
    To offer greater mobile app flexibility and save time:
    • Q&A coordinators can now submit questions on behalf of the buyer.
    • Buy-side users with the role of submitter are now able to submit more than one question at a time.

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