Efficient Enterprise Collaboration

Do more. Worry less. With enterprise collaboration tools from Intralinks.

When enterprise collaboration is easy and secure, everybody benefits. Investors are happier. Employees work faster. Deal sourcing gets easier, due diligence is streamlined, and post-merger integration is far more efficient. Bottom line: superior enterprise collaboration makes your organization more competitive.

When it comes to managing content, Intralinks VIA® is the most secure enterprise collaboration and file sharing service available. It makes enterprise collaboration simple and safe, no matter where your users are, or how they’re accessing your most sensitive information.

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A cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform.

Intralinks’ enterprise collaboration solutions and services let you securely share documents and information. Whether you’re collaborating on large-scale mergers, drug development, syndicated lending or fund management, your sensitive files are protected by the highest security, reliability, performance and auditing standards.

Companies around the world use Intralinks to collaborate with confidence and ease. With more than 90,000 clients, our secure collaboration platform has established a proven track record for performance and security. Throughout its 20 years in business, Intralinks has been committed to the highest levels of data security, providing clients with the means to collaborate safely, confidently and productively, from anywhere, on any device.

Easy-to-use tools for enterprise collaboration.

Intralinks VIA makes secure collaboration easy. Users can seamlessly share and UNshare® documents with tools that are intuitive and easy to use. They can easily collaborate on regulated, IP-intensive and sensitive material without having to worry about managing security or compliance, and each file uploaded to Intralinks VIA is automatically encrypted. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, Intralinks lets you implement an enterprise collaboration solution quickly and without capital expense.

Intralinks’ enterprise collaboration tools enable you to:

  • Collaborate seamlessly: Exchange information easily with colleagues, partners, vendors, regulators and others. Intralinks’ secure collaboration tools provide access from web browsers, desktop apps and mobile devices, and can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office® 365.
  • Simplify management: Share sensitive information with tools that provide large-scale content repositories, complex collaboration capabilities, case management and document-centric workflows.
  • Protect data: Eliminate consumer-grade and unproven enterprise collaboration solutions and block access to removable storage media like external hard drives, SD cards and USB sticks.
  • Support high-stakes transactions: Streamline negotiations and strategic initiatives with comprehensive tools for managing secure file sharing, permissions and virtual data rooms.
  • Maintain control of your data with Intralinks UNshare®: Revoke access to any document – even files that have been downloaded to personal computers.

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