Information Rights Management: Secure Digital Access Control

Lifetime protection, down to the file level.

Firewalls only protect environments, but Intralinks advanced information rights management (IRM) protects and provides total control. End-to-end file-level security stays with your documents for life, preventing unauthorized access to your information even when files are distributed outside your firewall.

IRM also enables you to automatically track activities such as file access and distribution, and manage individual permissions to view, edit, save or print – and when it’s time to revoke access to a document, simply UNshare® it.

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Know your rights.

How IRM works.

  • Each document is assigned a unique encryption key, which is distributed using asymmetric cryptography
  • Anyone attempting to open an UNshare-protected file must authenticate before receiving a decryption key via a secured transport channel
  • Security is embedded in each file and travels with documents, so it’s easy to securely share content with external parties – no downloads, software or plugins required
  • Control remains with documents until you remove it
  • Document controls enable you to manage granular permissions and individual authorizations, such as view, edit, save and print
  • Retain the ability to update rights and permissions, and revoke access instantly, even after a file has been downloaded beyond your firewall
  • Provide time-limited access to IRM-protected files, even for offline activity

Intralinks gives us a secure platform to be imaginative and creative with ways to share data and collaborate with our clients and other 3rd parties. More to the point, it’s easy and intuitive to use.

Anna-Marie Back
Senior IT Trainer, Kingsley Napley

Encryption is your armor.

Firewalls only protect environments. IRM encrypts every individual document. It embeds security in your files, so even if a vulnerability or leak threatens your company’s data systems, Intralinks-protected files remain secure.

Each document is assigned a unique encryption key and asymmetric cryptography is used to distribute them. So anyone attempting to open an Intralinks IRM-protected file has to authenticate before receiving a decryption key via a secured transport channel.

Encryption is your armour.
audits and certifications

Follow the trail.

Our platform improves regulatory compliance by automatically compiling complete audit trails that track activities, such as file access and distribution. Individual permissions to view, edit, save or print files may be instantly changed, even remotely. Intralinks IRM gives administrators the power to immediately revoke access privileges when an employee leaves the organization or her or his role within the enterprise has changed.

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