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Legal transactions can be a tightrope. Let Intralinks be your net.

Even the most straightforward legal transactions carry unforeseen complexity and risk. Every stage of the process requires precise attention to detail that leaves little room for error. And with tight deadlines looming, teams are under pressure to exchange and review multitudes of documents quickly, but without sacrificing security. 

From strategic transactions to capital markets, SS&C Intralinks supports a wide range of legal activities. During a legal proceeding, accurate and complete work papers must be shared in a timely manner. Centrally storing legal documents and governing their access with strict permissions controls enables you to provide the right people access to the right information, instantly.


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Intellectual Property

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M&A and Corporate Finance

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“[The] platform assists with efficient collaboration by removing the need for using several different communication tools ... and we can see this kind of technology becoming part of the standardized process for large law firms to increase productivity.”

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Accelerating the deal process

Intralinks is the leading content collaboration platform for law firms. Nine of the ten largest global law firms and eight of the ten largest global audit firms use our platform to keep their critical data secure and communications effective. Our tested solutions ensure the entire process goes smoothly by giving you tools to maximize efficiency.

AI Redaction

Intralinks’ AI Redaction feature streamlines your workflow by leveraging machine learning to identify common data elements like names and addresses. Users can add customized terms and then initiate redaction across a set of documents, all from within the VDR. 

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Built for buyers, Intralinks’ DealVision is designed to match actual workflow needs. Intralinks DealVision automates document classification and recommends files from VDRPro to review based on your checklist items or questions. 

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Intralinks’ award-winning data room features automated setup and preconfigured workflows for fast and easy deal launch, and real-time insights to help you identify your most interested buyers. Plus, VDRPro is supported by our expert customer service team members who are well versed in the due diligence process.

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Kira | Luminance | Broadridge

Extending our solution set through partnerships

SS&C Intralinks’ strategic partnerships help law firms execute deals more efficiently and securely. Our solutions integrate industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as Kira Systems and Luminance to expedite content review. For transactions or compliance projects requiring SEC filings, our North American partner Broadridge Financial Solutions assists in the execution of shareholder communications. 

Backing industry experience with expert support

For 25 years, Intralinks has been providing firms with proven solutions and award-winning support to work more efficiently. That’s why more than 4 million users from across the globe rely on us to execute their most sophisticated transactions. Every member of our Dedicated Services Group is an industry expert and provides assistance every step of the way.


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