Post-Merger Integration Software for Streamlined Alignment

You closed the deal. Now maximize its value with smart post-merger integration.

The deal is done, but now comes the real work: unlocking synergies. Over 70 percent of deals fail to deliver the projected shareholder value that brought the deal to the table in the first place. The Intralinks platform helps acquiring companies optimize value by keeping the deal information live, organized and at your fingertips—helping your team make the critical decisions that will determine the success of the post-merger integration process.

Find out how Intralinks can help you deliver shareholder value once the deal is closed.

Post merger integration software


Post merger integration software

You’re a master at crafting deals to maximize shareholder value. So, don’t let that value fall through the cracks – not when Intralinks can help you navigate the post-merger integration process and help you realize expected synergies.

  • Set up a secure, controlled clean room for pre-close collaboration while maintaining mandatory information barriers
  • Seamlessly transfer information from sell-side virtual data rooms to integration teams
  • Lock and load content, users and permissions ahead of time, so teams are up to speed and collaborating on day one
  • Create a repeatable, best practices-based information structure that can be leveraged in future deals        
  • Safeguard corporate data and enforce security policies for every document, everywhere

Intralinks is a one-stop shop for corporate development. It provides a quick and easy way for us to keep track of all our critical information, stay aligned, and streamline workflow

Tamara Bross
VP of Corporate Business Development
Stanley Black & Decker


Work faster and smarter every step of the way.

Preconfigured workflows

Skip the learning curve. Intralinks' preconfigured workflows help you start faster and realize shareholder value faster.

Bank-grade security

Safeguard corporate data and enforce security policies for every document, everywhere. Lock down files anywhere and everywhere with information rights management and user permissions embedded in files.

Manage the entire deal lifecycle

Improve performance by seamlessly transitioning from one stage of the deal cycle to the next.

Frictionless adoption

Be a part of the largest virtual data room user community for M&A.

Streamlined Q&A

Quick questions answered fast – and nothing falls through the cracks. We help you expedite Q&A so you can fast-track your deals.

AI-powered document analysis

Let the computer do the scut work, so legal can check out the red flags. That’s how AI makes due diligence faster and more accurate.

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