Secure File Sharing with Intralinks

Seamless business operations require secure file sharing.

In every industry, employees need secure file sharing tools to exchange documents and maintain smooth business operations. But using consumer-grade solutions can cause problems: data leaks, legal issues, fines, business losses and damage to your reputation.

Intralinks© secure file sharing platform enables secure content collaboration for high-stakes transactions and business operations for more than 90,000 clients, which is why companies trust us.

Intralinks VIA makes secure file sharing easy.

Intralinks VIA is a business file sharing solution that helps enterprises and employees securely share and collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere and from any device. Built on a scalable SaaS platform, our collaboration tools for business eliminate the need for new hardware or rip-and-replace operations.

Our secure file sharing solution enables you to establish a content collaboration network so your teams can work flexibly and collaboratively while retaining complete control over all their files - even documents that are shared and downloaded outside your firewall.

Intralinks VIA makes it easy to integrate secure file sharing capabilities into existing systems, and meets the highest standards for security, reliability, performance and auditing.

Key benefits of secure file sharing with Intralinks VIA.

Intralinks VIA’s secure file sharing solution enables you to:

  • Prevent data leakage: Block access to removable storage media such as USB sticks, SD cards and external hard drives.
  • Externalize your content: Improve cross-enterprise collaboration by providing external access to your enterprise content management (ECM) or SharePoint® repositories.
  • Eliminate risky file sharing solutions: Give employees a highly secure alternative to consumer-grade file sharing services, FTP connections and other risky and cumbersome technologies.
  • Collaborate securely: Provide Intralinks VIA as an alternative to “shadow IT” solutions, and equip employees with secure file sharing capabilities that meet your strict security and compliance requirements.
  • Revoke access: Use Intralinks UNshare® to manage permissions for the entire lifecycle of a document, and revoke access when necessary – even after files have been downloaded to a personal device.
  • Work with familiar file formats: View Microsoft Office® documents in their native format.
  • Accelerate collaboration: Bulk upload users and documents. Provision rights quickly and easily.

Security, reliability, performance and ease of use are the most important criteria for choosing a corporate file sharing solution. That’s why businesses around the world choose secure file sharing with Intralinks.

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