Intralinks delivers market-specific solutions for secure, controlled and productive collaboration over highly sensitive content across the enterprise.

Use Cases

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

When it’s time to reorganize, timing is everything.

Streamline multi-party collaboration and accelerate content exchange to restructure viable businesses, secure financing or liquidate assets faster.

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Board Reporting

Keep the board on board – in real time.

Increase the productivity of your board-member communications and keep your corporate information private.

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Business Development & Licensing

Trim due diligence costs, reduce transaction times, control information and accelerate future deals. 

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Initial Public Offerings

Share large volumes of sensitive content with parties inside and outside the company efficiently and securely.

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Tap into the power of the leading energy deal platform.

Secure data, automate tedious processes and streamline complex energy transactions with DealCentre’s purpose-built solutions and advanced virtual data room.

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High-Tech (TMT)

Technology moves fast. Move faster.

Accelerate your TMT deal on the leading technology deal platform — built by and for innovators.

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Life Sciences

Break through to the deal platform designed for breakthroughs.

Get the only prescribed platform for healthy financial transactions, product development and multi-party alliances in pharma, biotech, medical devices and healthcare delivery.

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The best legal action you can take.

Use Intralinks for Law Firms to easily and securely navigate complex, regulation-heavy high-stakes strategic transactions and capital market deals.

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Real Estate

Your blueprint for real estate success.

Prepare the groundwork for your next transaction with the innovative platform that simplifies collaboration among all RE deal stakeholders – so you can sit back and enjoy the view.

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