Introduction into the World of Data Rooms


The Classic Virtual Data Room (Virtual Data Room) is an information system that accompanies a financial transaction or investment competition, the purpose of which is to provide participants and their consultants with access to project documentation via the Internet. The main functions of the VCD is to control the viewing, copying and printing of documents. In contrast to the physical data rooms, CDS is available around the clock to all participants in the process for the entire period of validity, and the cost of managing electronic documents is several times less than managing a physical archive. At present, different versions of VCD are used not only as a tool for a financial transaction, but also as a single corporate data warehouse or a single access point for a distributed project team. In this case, the main function is not control over non-proliferation, but the possibility of evolving documents and functions to enhance teamwork.

Data rooms offer a self-designed WCD (VDR) based on the experience of supporting major investment competitions based on PPP. Most of the existing VDR on the market are provided as a service (Software as a Service) and do not imply individual customization for the customer. We offer the option of installing the system on the customer’s server with the possibility of further modernization and development on its own or with the involvement of third-party developers.


VDR in the standard configuration has the following functions:

Self-management of project areas

Different types of documents and properties

Batch data download

Newsletters, forced email notifications, alerts for upcoming dates

Semantic tags

Document Discussions

Tasks for documents

calendar of events

File versioning

Access audit and visitor statistics

Elementary reconciliation process

Integration with Microsoft Office 2010+

Tracking risks, problems and open questions of the project

In addition, the following functions can be implemented:

Automatic conversion of MS Office files to watermarked PDF

Automatic comparison of two versions of MS Word 2010+ files with changes highlighted

Project Problem Analyzer

Customizable file naming nomenclature


VDR is a Microsoft SharePoint 2010-based product and is fully compatible with it, so you need a SharePoint environment, which can be based on the free version of the Foundation, or on a powerful SharePoint Server. The customer can independently determine the licensing scheme for SharePoint and the required SQL Server. In the simplest case, the SharePoint environment looks like this:

SQL Server 2010 Express Edition, maximum size of databases – 10GB (free)

SharePoint Foundation 2010 (free)