Every day you face challenges that are specific to your industry. You have to overcome the difficulties of doing business in a highly competitive market, with innovative and globally integrated value chains and increasing pressure from regulatory constraints.

Our goal is to help you cope with the current and upcoming challenges that the rapidly changing automotive industry is setting for you, as well as identify potential growth directions.

Our deep knowledge, as well as practical experience in legal support of projects in the industry and understanding of business needs, allows us to find effective solutions to complex legal, regulatory, financial, contractual and judicial issues.

Our lawyers are honored to represent such major manufacturers as Bridgestone Corporation, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co., Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, as well as other leading global automakers, component suppliers and car dealers.


We know very well how difficult agribusiness can be, especially in Ukraine, where you must comply with rapidly changing and unstable local regulations governing land relations, tax and customs regulations and certification requirements; overcome difficulties associated with limited funding and build effective relationships with the often insufficiently reliable counterparties / partners.

That is why it is an honor for us to act regularly as a legal advisor to the leading Ukrainian and global strategic players in the sector, as well as investment funds, production companies, grain traders and processors of agricultural products, lenders and borrowers.

Our deep knowledge of the industry and the innovative solutions we offer benefit not only our customers, but also other market players. Our contribution consists not only in the provision of qualified legal advice, but also in our active involvement in the activities of agrarian associations, involvement in the development of legislative initiatives and the establishment of relationships with government bodies.


Our pride is an innovative approach and a deep understanding of the technologies that we direct to serve our customers. Our IT lawyers are inspired by complex projects and are happy to pave technology through the dense forests of outdated legislation.

Technology accelerates the pace of life, and the use of large amounts of data radically changes your ways of communicating and developing your business. Whether you are a pioneer in AI, DLT, IoT and VR, or a world leader such as Google, IBM or Microsoft, we are very happy to help you launch a new product and introduce innovations.

We also help keep up with the times and introduce innovations to companies that do business outside the technology industry. Total digitalization, outsourcing and cloud computing trends will not spare those who ignore personal data protection and cyber security issues. Extensive IT experience helps us to adequately meet these challenges and prepare clients.

We strive to help promote your innovative business, because we are innovators ourselves.


For technology companies:

Creation of R & D centers and development offices

Preparing a business for sale or investment

Integrated approach to securing software rights and related intellectual property issues

Introduction of new technologies and products (regulatory issues and compliance)

International tax and corporate structuring of IT-business

Strategic investments and deals with private equity funds (M & A)

Crypto business and transactions with cryptoactives

Questions on antitrust in the IT sector

For any progressive company:

Protection of personal information

Introduction of electronic signature and electronic document management

Software development, licensing, technical support and other commercial contracts

Tax structuring of software purchases, outsourcing transactions and operations with cryptoactive assets

Cybersecurity and Information Security

Legal regulation of e-commerce

IT disputes


In almost every project and every transaction there is an aspect related to real estate issues. That is why our experience in this field is of great importance. Our real estate and construction practices focus on all aspects of construction, development, property acquisition and management, as well as issues related to public sector projects.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who successfully accompanied a number of significant transactions in Kiev and regions of Ukraine, representing the interests of large corporations, financial institutions, investment funds, government authorities, owners and operators of hotels.

The expertise of our lawyers combines an understanding of the specifics of the industry with extensive experience in supporting local and international projects, as well as representing clients in property disputes. This allows us to provide clear and practice-tested legal advice focused on achieving business results and proven experience in representing clients in court.