Business Development & Licensing

Licensing deals to fund research and development, clinical operations and market expansion are resource- and cost-intensive.

VDRPro (Intralinks’ virtual data room) is a secure, centralized repository that enables you to trim due diligence costs, reduce transaction times, control information and accelerate future deals. 

Raise capital, evaluate opportunities, expedite due diligence, manage alliances and capture institutional knowledge.


Intralinks will help you exchange critical information with internal and external parties throughout the life of your deal.

Features & Benefits


Maximize your business development and licensing efforts.

Pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and investment firms are entering into alliances and joint ventures at an ever-increasing pace. Whether the target is a new drug, new capital or strategic investment, business development and licensing deals provide growth opportunities for companies of all sizes. As the rate of transactions increases, so does the number of hours and resources needed to conduct due diligence

Life Sciences professionals use VDRPro to raise capital, evaluate opportunities, expedite due diligence, manage alliances and capture institutional knowledge. Intralinks will help you exchange critical information with internal and external parties throughout the life of your deal. Using Intralinks eliminates the hassles of trying to email large files, only to have them bounce back or be at risk for unauthorized and unsecured distribution. In addition, Intralinks enables you to eliminate the costs, headaches and the security risks of faxing, printing and overnight mail delivery. Post-deal, Intralinks can be used to support alliance management and the post-merger integration process. 

Facilitate the business development and licensing process by:

  • Accelerating the due diligence process with a secure, auditable, centralized point-of-access and providing controls for managing and distributing critical information 
  • Facilitating the initial outreach and tracking process with Intralinks Deal Marketing 
  • Establishing a single place of record for critical documents to help manage version control 
  • Accelerating your deal with automated workflows to ensure that information moves freely between parties  
  • Facilitating the creation of repeatable processes and infrastructure for future deals 
  • Quickly redacting sensitive information without leaving the VDR and un-redacting as the deal progresses  
  • Offering a greater degree of security for document exchange than offered by email or FTP 
  • Establishing clear protocols to manage critical information and develop lucrative partnerships 
  • Allowing buyers to review documents in parallel, slashing time required for due diligence 
  • Providing insight through intuitive dashboards and reporting into prospective buyers’ intentions and activities  
  • Securing documents, even at the endpoint, with information rights management capabilities 
  • Extending critical information to the largest possible universe of qualified investors in less time 

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