Intralinks for Deal Marketing

85% Faster.
95% Fewer mistakes.*

*Based on internal testing

Intralinks Deal Marketing

Find your best buyer faster.

Intralinks is streamlining the painstaking deal marketing process. With less manual effort, more insights and more security, we’re protecting NDAs, CIMs and reputations everywhere.

  • Capture your actions automatically – eliminating manual tracking
  • Use dedicated storage for transaction notes, key documents as well as buyer lists, activity and profiles
  • Track buyer engagement by confirming when a buyer views documents
  • Automate watermarking and ensure the right documents get the right level of security

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Market deals faster and with fewer mistakes

Automate document dissemination

Reduce outreach and tracking workload.

Store inbound documents

Keep signed NDAs alongside the rest of your outreach process.

Automate activity logging

Don’t do your work twice! Send docs, and move on.

Manage contacts and company profiles

Keep track of buyers, investors and collaborators in prior transactions.

Track outreach collaboratively

Store inbound documents and notes alongside outreach dates.

Keep a digital Working Group list

Maintain clarity on everyone involved in a transaction.

Track document views

Gain insight into how buyers are interacting with your documents.

Leverage secure mobile access

Check outreach progress and send teasers, NDAs and CIMs – on the go!

4.1 million+

users from all corners of the globe

10,000+ M&A deals

are closed on SS&C Intralinks each year
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$34.7 trillion worth

of financial transactions
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