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Legal document management has never been more challenging. Law firms have always overseen confidential documents and client communication, but the digital age has added a whole new level of difficulty for business file management. While emails and digital documents are easier to share, they’re more susceptible to inadvertent leaks or malicious hacks, which is problematic for ensuring client privilege and confidentiality.

On top of this, law firms face unique obstacles related to legal document management. The volume of digital documents is growing at an exponential rate, compliance regulations are becoming ever stricter, and as global competition continues to intensify, firms must find ways to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

Intralinks VIA® is a highly secure document sharing platform and collaboration network that radically simplifies legal document management. With Intralinks, legal teams can effortlessly manage and share contracts, board communications, regulatory filings, intellectual property, litigation, HR matters and more. Our platform is a cloud-based solution that enables legal departments to quickly implement a secure, controlled and auditable cloud-based repository for the management and exchange of legal content.

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Simplify audits and reporting with Intralinks’ legal document management solution.

Intralinks is the leading platform for legal document management, and is trusted by nine of the ten largest global law firms and eight of the ten largest global audit firms. Our technology reduces risk and improves the efficiency of legal document management and governance.

Our web-based collaboration workspaces, secure file transfer and mobile file sharing capabilities make it easy to securely share legal content. Intralinks facilitates simple and secure partner collaboration, so attorneys can safely share information with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Advantages of legal document management with Intralinks.

When you choose Intralinks’ enterprise collaboration platform as your legal document management solution, you can:

  • Increase productivity: Allow in-house and outside legal teams to collaborate seamlessly and share files securely.
  • Maintain control: Use plugin-free information rights management to set downloading, copying, screen capture and printing permissions. Revoke access to documents even after they have been distributed.
  • Reduce cost: Deploy our SaaS-based solution quickly and avoid capital expenses. Leverage our user-friendly interface to accelerate adoption and reduce training expense.
  • Unburden IT staff: Reduce IT complexity, minimize the need for IT involvement and let users handle their own legal document management.

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