Secure, Efficient Collaboration with Intralinks

Work faster and alleviate stress with secure collaboration software.

You want your employees to communicate easily with colleagues, partners and vendors, but you don’t want to risk data loss or security breaches. Secure collaboration software is the answer.

With secure collaboration tools for business, employees can share sensitive files that are subject to regulation, without inadvertently or maliciously leaking confidential information.

Intralinks VIA® is a cloud-based business file sharing and secure collaboration software solution that enables users to collaborate freely with anyone, anywhere. As a SaaS solution, Intralinks delivers all the tools, features and processes you need to share information safely, productively and globally – without needing to invest in new hardware or rip-and-replace operations.

Eliminate risky shadow IT solutions with Intralinks’ secure collaboration software.

In the absence of secure collaboration software, users are likely to turn to consumer-grade sync and share tools, such as Dropbox. Shadow IT solutions like these are a problem. They don’t provide security policies, audits or content controls that protect shared files and empower users. Instead, they create significant risks, and may lead to data leaks and security breaches that end up costing millions in legal fees and result in fines, loss of business and damage to corporate reputation.

Intralinks’ collaboration software provides a secure Dropbox alternative that enables content owners and IT administrators to control user access and manage permissions at the organization, workspace, folder and file levels. You can determine permissions for downloading, editing and printing files, and you can revoke access to documents at any time with Intralinks UNshare®, even after they have been shared and downloaded.

Throughout its 20 years in business, Intralinks has been committed to maintaining the highest levels of data security, so clients can collaborate safely, confidently and productively, from anywhere, on any device. That’s why more than 90,000 companies, trust our file sharing for business and secure collaboration software solutions.

Key benefits of Intralinks’ secure collaboration software.

With Intralinks’ cloud-based secure collaboration software, you can:

  • Share content easily: Externalize content from SharePoint® and other CMS platforms to provide file access anywhere, on any device.
  • Collaborate freely: View, edit and comment on shared files, and work with Office® documents in their native format inside a secure environment.
  • Enhance security: Protect files by automatically encrypting all uploaded documents.
  • Reduce strain on IT: Enable users and administrators to manage files and permissions without help from IT.
  • Improve compliance: Maintain full audit trails for compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

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