Streamline M&A Due Diligence with Intralinks

When it comes to due diligence for M&A transactions, you have to balance speed and thoroughness. If you take too long to complete due diligence, M&A opportunities may be lost. If you rush through the due diligence process, you risk overlooking material issues that can compromise the deal.

An M&A platform that accelerates the M&A process and ensures no details are overlooked, offers a sizable benefit. The right solution would automate manual processes and eliminate outdated tools that are used to conduct due diligence for M&A, like spreadsheets, email and shared drives. A superior system would also ensure document security, simplify access and streamline organization, so you can manage due diligence for M&A with greater confidence, speed and ease.

That’s where Intralinks can help. Our Virtual Data Room Edition provides all the tools and features you need to accelerate M&A, and ensures that your due diligence for M&A process is complete and thorough.

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Intralinks makes due diligence in M&A simpler and more secure.

Intralinks provides secure, cloud-based file sharing and content collaboration software that has been used by more than 90,000 companies worldwide. As the industry’s most trusted deal space, we facilitate more than 6,000 high-stakes transactions annually.

Our virtual data rooms provide a central space for sharing documents while conducting due diligence for M&A. With Intralinks, your deal teams can share documents easily with colleagues, partners, counterparties and regulators without having to worry about document security.

Features of Intralinks© virtual data rooms include:

  • Large-scale content repositories with flexible workspaces
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office® 365 on the web and desktop
  • Web and mobile interfaces
  • Granular reporting for user activity
  • Dynamic permission management
  • Question-and-answer workflow for managing deals with multiple parties
  • Pre-configured solutions for certain deal types
  • Multilingual user support available 24/7

Key benefits for due diligence and M&A processes.

When you choose Intralinks to manage due diligence for M&A, you can:

  • Keep teams on the same page: Simplify collaboration and file sharing, control access down to the document level and give users access to documents from any location on virtually any device.
  • Accelerate due diligence: Automate workflows and eliminate manual processes, use machine learning and artificial intelligence to review thousands of documents quickly.
  • Keep high-value information secure: Maintain compliance with strict international audit standards, protect content at rest and in transmission with the highest-grade encryption, and use information rights management to control permissions and revoke access at any time.

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