InvestorVision: Transform the way you share fund data

InvestorVision is changing the way fund managers communicate, making it quick and easy to share fund data with your LPs. InvestorVision enables:

  • Faster analysis – standardized ILPA templates make it quick and easy for investors to track and manage investments across multiple funds.
  • Timely, accurate reporting – the platform enables GPs to go beyond reporting obligations and be more transparent and responsive. 
  • Seamless workflow – GPs can manage reporting across their funds, track investor activity and upload critical data effortlessly.

SS&C Intralinks Co-Head Ken Bisconti provides an insider’s look into what drove the development of InvestorVision. See how you can use it to drive superior investor communications.

Webinar: Transform The Way You Share Fund Data With InvestorVision™

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Investors today are demanding more: More data, more reporting and more visibility into day-to-day fund operations.

Intralinks InvestorVision modernizes investor communication and fund reporting, featuring a responsive and intuitive web portal that delivers timely and secure access to business-critical information to investors – when and how they want it. 

Use InvestorVision to elevate and streamline your reporting, protect information and improve investor relations.

Why choose Intralinks?

The global standard for alternative investment reporting.
The most widely adopted fund reporting platform, InvestorVision makes it simple for fund managers and investors to share and analyze data quickly and securely. InvestorVision is used by:

  • 3,000 fund managers
  • 515,000 LPs

The right technology.
When you partner with SS&C Intralinks, you’ll have access to a full suite of technology and services for:

  • Capital Raising
  • Dealmaking
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Account & Fund Administration
  • Investor Reporting & Communications
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Provide seamless and secure access to investor account data, including current and historical capital balances, cash flows and fund performance.

Supporting 3000+ alternative investment firms around the globe.

Intralinks has the largest GP/LP community anywhere.

6 of 10

largest private equity firms
Bar chart 34 out of 50

Top 47

largest institutional investors
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individuals from 100,000 organizations use our fund reporting portal
4 million

Key Features for Fund Managers

  • Secure document management – Intralinks balances security with ease-of-use for fast, efficient fund reporting.
  • Intuitive user interface – Focus on your investors – not your software.
  • Web-based filesplit – Automatically split a single document into multiple, investor-specific reports.
  • Portal branding – Promote, protect and differentiate your firm.
  • Single login – Give investors one username and password for access to information across their entire portfolio.
  • Multilingual support – Award-winning 24/7/365 support, with the flexibility to accommodate your global LP base.

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