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This integrated model provides the processes, controls and reporting required to protect your data and reduce risk.


Because trust matters.

Why do the most-regulated industries around the globe trust Intralinks with their sensitive, high-value information?

Because our exclusive holistic, multi-channel security model safeguards data at every level:

  • Document Security
  • Application Security
  • Platform Security
  • Operational Security

Document Security

Unless your information is locked at the file level, every email your team sends is a potential security breach. Intralinks automatically encrypts and embeds file-level security in every document, giving you control over who can open a file, what can be done with it, and how long it can be accessed.

One-click to enable or retract access to a document with Intralinks UNshare™

Application Security

Intralinks application-level security can restrict information access based on group, individual and device, as well as maintain audit trails and control sign-in requirements.

Platform Security

Intralinks’ platform-level security encrypts and protects data at every stage – at rest, in transit and in use – and provides reporting and analytics, enabling organizations to seamlessly comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

Compliance with data privacy laws, like GDPR, through distributed content node architecture

Operational Security

Intralinks adheres to a robust set of protocols and personnel procedures to protect our network infrastructure, physical storage facilities and client data.

Audits and certifications

Intralinks has passed over 5,300 security audits of our physical data centers, source code, processes, applications and personnel management. We hold ISO 27001 and industry-specific certifications – and most recently, became the first VDR provider to secure ISO 27701 certification – the highest standard in data privacy. We’re also the first VDR to attain TISAX certification, which is mandatory for global third-party suppliers, partners and OEMs that contribute to the German automobile supply chain.

See our full list of certifications


Data privacy and sovereignty

The Intralinks Trust Perimeter™ is our comprehensive approach to data sovereignty. Solutions can be configured to meet data security requirements in any industry and in any region.

  • Distributed Content Nodes – Flexible architecture to enable in-region data storage and processing, ensuring content never physically leaves a regulated region
  • Intralinks UNshare®  – Information rights management that protects local or remotely shared files and other sensitive information from unauthorized access – even when downloaded
  • Legal Avenues – Adaptable to geo-specific regulations for data transfers, including EU-US Privacy Shield and Standard Contractual Clauses
  • Audits, Reporting, Compliance – Full audit trails of all user activity with the appropriate contexts for both regulatory inquiries and physical audits by our customers to verify our high standards

See our approach to data sovereignty

Governance, risk and compliance

Intralinks provides a comprehensive set of tools and assistance to support our customers in their governance and compliance journey.

  • Compliance Logging – Full tracking and event capabilities on all access and controlled document changes and activities
  • Compliance Reporting – Diverse standard and custom compliance reporting capabilities, with available flexible compliance reporting feeds for integration with customer systems
  • Governance Extensions – Fully enhance and consolidate business applications under IT governance and control; manage the full VDR lifecycle of workspaces to order, provision, run, retire and archive applications

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