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Secure, configurable, scalable workspaces for structured collaboration, content management, and document-centric workflows.


Secure file sharing means your documents are safe—everywhere and forever

From your colleague to your biggest client, or an important business partner across the globe, Intralinks fosters real-time collaboration across firewalls, multiple networks, VPNs and geographies. Maintain total control over your most confidential documents, and instantaneously give permission or revoke user access.

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A work process that goes with the flow

Learn how Intralinks streamlines complex, multi-step review and approval processes.


Bank on efficiency

See how Lloyds Banking Group’s BM Solutions streamlines broker communications with Intralinks.

We’ll help you grow, every step of the way

Over time, secure file sharing requirements may change. There may be a need for greater efficiency, automation, integration or a fully custom solution. Our team of specialist engineers provide dedicated, ongoing expertise to maximize the value of Intralinks for your organization. Incorporate dashboards to enhance reporting and productivity, leverage artificial intelligence to work through massive amounts of documentation and more.



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