Intralinks Business File Management

Improve productivity with superior business file management.

Your business generates an increasingly large volume of information every day, which makes your business file management solution critical for ensuring secure document sharing and productivity.

Your content is the lifeblood of your business. Workers need fast access to business files in order to make decisions, collaborate with partners, and get work done quickly. But when information is locked away in silos or saddled with cumbersome security measures, users will either be less productive or they’ll find other, less secure ways of getting the information they need. From consumer-grade file sharing solutions to USB drives and FTP sites, these methods of private file sharing can easily lead to data loss, security breaches, legal fines and worse.

Intralinks can help. Intralinks VIA® is a secure content sharing and business collaboration platform that simplifies business file management, enabling your users to access documents easily and share them with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

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Simplify business file management with Intralinks.

As a leading provider of solutions for document sharing and business file management, Intralinks is trusted by companies. Throughout its 20 years in business, Intralinks has been committed to the highest levels of data security, providing clients with the means to collaborate safely, confidently and productively, from anywhere, on any device.

With Intralinks’ business file management solution, users can easily create, access, share and manage business content. Every file uploaded to the Intralinks platform is automatically wrapped in an armor of security, providing protection for sensitive data no matter where it resides or where in the world it travels. Users can easily set permissions to determine who can view, edit, download and print documents, and access can be revoked at any time, even for files that have been downloaded to a personal device.

Intralinks© business file management technology is used by more than 90,000 clients worldwide, for applications ranging from HR document management to investor communication and post-merger integration to clinical trial reporting.

Key benefits of Intralinks’ business file management solution.

With business file management tools from Intralinks, you can:

  • Collaborate easily: Enable users to quickly share documents with internal and external contacts, and view, edit and comment on files anywhere in the world.
  • Enhance productivity: Let users work with familiar desktop applications for Windows and Mac and mobile applications for iPad®, iPhone® and Android® without leaving Intralinks’ secure environment.

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