Collaboration Network: Enhancing Connectivity & Cooperation

Seamless business operations require a secure collaboration network.

As digital technologies continue to change the way you do business, Intralinks’ content collaboration network streamlines business operations and simplifies secure document collaboration.

The workplace is being transformed by a number of forces. From new cloud and device technologies to employee mobility and increasingly complex business processes, getting business done and staying competitive is more challenging than ever. Collaboration is key: your workers need an enterprise collaboration tool that lets them share files easily with colleagues, vendors, partners, regulators and customers – anytime, anywhere in the world, on any device.

Traditional collaboration and business file management tools, such as FTP, don’t cut it. These older technologies can actually constrain workers and hinder collaboration rather than accelerating it.

That’s where a content collaboration network from Intralinks can help. It provides all the tools, features and processes your workers need to collaborate safely, efficiently and globally. With Intralinks, your employees can effortlessly share documents with contacts around the globe, without compromising security.

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Build your collaboration network with Intralinks.

Intralinks’ collaboration network is a SaaS-based platform, so it provides all the speed, security and savings that the cloud has to offer. Every file uploaded to the Content Collaboration Network™ is automatically encrypted to deliver maximum protection. Administrators can easily grant permission for viewing, editing, downloading and printing files, and they can revoke access just as quickly – even for documents that have been downloaded and stored on a personal computer or mobile device.

An Intralinks© collaboration network provides tools for both internal and external collaboration that simplify regulator communication and investor and partner collaboration. From simple file sync and share to collaborative team workspaces and large-scale virtual data room software, Intralinks delivers comprehensive solutions for effortless and fearless collaboration.

Intralinks’ key benefits for your collaboration network.

With a collaboration network built on Intralinks’ platform, you can:

  • Collaborate freely: Let users collaborate and share documents easily without worrying about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.
  • Retain control of access rights: Maintain complete control over sensitive documents with granular access controls, plugin-free information rights management and detailed reporting.
  • Enhance productivity: Enable users to work with Microsoft Office documents in their native format without ever leaving Intralinks’ secure collaboration network.

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